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  1. I'm selling this HP in two versions, one in brown and one in red. If you're interested, you can find my Discord here >> 9flash3 The brown version has an animated header without a logo. Price: £200 without PSD, £300 with PSD. The red version has an animated header with a logo, unfortunately, I can't find the animation anymore. This version is not coded, but the asset can be changed from the brown version, and some modifications to the nav menu and header can be made. Price: £100 PSD Live Preview https://scorpions.com/
  2. Just a small preview of what you can find: The source is freebsd12/13-64b or vs2022 on wind32 and if you don't want to run/compile everything freebsd on win32 with serverfile you can do this directly from windows. You don't need vps to get online srv or compile game/db, you can work silently from windows with VisualStudio. Special for more details. 👇service.h 👇 https://pastebin.com/JqTK2uvE 👇VIDEO👇 https://files.fm/f/f4zufazpn Here I leave some clips from YOUTUBE to the presenter. I can get the srv online for a more detailed view.
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