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  1. The server working and go with full source The server is translated in ( DE - TK - PL - RO - EN ) You have some work to do! ITS POSSIBLE TEST SERVER If you are interested> Discord: .Marco#3403 https://gyazo.com/91b0ebee3315fccfd36c60940ccb6d71 https://gyazo.com/88cb93f8b6b6ba0ca19b4dd3628245ad https://gyazo.com/96872706233d88201855758ba9b24759 https://gyazo.com/586096d92fcbb1698089b669a51c83fe https://gyazo.com/09944311b20e12afe87e6cf7dcbb4f02 https://gyazo.com/80eafec71b6de20d7042af0b7d97f790 https://gyazo.com/aff7e9d12d3f289589f9d6982e8a4a14
  2. The server working and full source as well - all the bugs found is fixed The server have 11 Dungeons , all working with Re-Enter in Dungeon The server have 2 language translated (RO & EN ) Need translate the rest Need some work on multi lang but work 100% in RO If you are interested> Discord: .Marco#3403 ITS POSSIBLE TEST SERVER Server: https://gyazo.com/df4800c76f7ca3e7b8d9393d54ef9ce5 Login Interface With Fast Login + Multi-language sistem: https://gyazo.com/e942d131e765edf921c3af720be68840 Wikipedia in game: https://gyazo.com/97337fcc2e752d7c860a1469184e7c
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