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  1. Hello dear friends. Today I decided to post another serverfiles for sale. He had 1500 players online. The server will be sold to only 2 people so there is no risk of reaching the net !!!!!! Serverfiles has the following systems Discord: Zollends#4313 -Pin Code for security https://gyazo.com/fe5b9a9093ae763dceb2b13cc30240ff -Alchemy with refine and shop https://gyazo.com/008d74329e336c16ebf9879c7f4470e3 -Specular Color https://gyazo.com/4c7d8a5e2a25f41465c6784e01a423c4 -Special Storage with 5 + Dep and Item-Shop https://gyazo.com/09b8e5164a8707b5559b6a374
  2. Hello dear friends. I decided to put the metin aside because I have another occupation. At the same time I will want to sell my server files that I have been working on for several months. It is mostly clean and does not have many systems. I focused a lot on the optimization side of the client. Systems -Uitooltip New - https://gyazo.com/ec96d8d85fc71e2a504c1d7b116530eb -Offline Shop - https://gyazo.com/7fc96598cff979b32fb2407658ee77bc - https://gyazo.com/4d427b81a9b790daba75869270288edf -Battle Pass New - https://gyazo.
  3. Description - New code - New look - Maximum missions amount to 11 - Mission information You all know about BattlePass Surely many of you know about BattlePas. Today you have a new BattlePass for your Metin2 server. https://gyazo.com/09798f2f70f767e42623bf34ccc4c6f4 https://gyazo.com/bdff5c8585ee76bb9d421f6b929d3c82 Contact Discord: Zollends # 4313 ------------------------ Price: $ 80 / $ 65 The customer who purchases the BattlePass system will receive the following updates. The good will be solved and any bugs. I also mention that the system has been tested and has no bugs.
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