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  1. Simán minimap/whitemark.sub -> minimap/whitemark.tga
  2. Hi guys, I thought to publish for you the adjustable version of the fov system. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Kliens forrás: Userinterface/locale_inc.h #define ENABLE_MESSENGER_GM packet.h e felé: MESSENGER_SUBHEADER_GC_LIST, ezt: #ifdef ENABLE_MESSENGER_GM MESSENGER_SUBHEADER_GC_GM_LIST, MESSENGER_SUBHEADER_GC_GM_LOGIN, MESSENGER_SUBHEADER_GC_GM_LOGOUT, #endif keress erre: typedef struct packet_messenger_list_offline { BYTE connected; BYTE length; } TPacketGCMessengerListOffline; alá megy ez: #ifdef ENABLE_MESSENGER_GM typedef struct packet_messenger_gm_list_offline { BYTE connected; BYTE len
  4. Common/Service | CommonDefines.h #define __MESSENGER_GM__ game/messenger_manager.cpp keress erre: void MessengerManager::Login(MessengerManager::keyA account) HA CLANG-develt használsz!!! ez alá: DBManager::instance().FuncQuery(std::bind(&MessengerManager::LoadList, this, std::placeholders::_1), "SELECT account, companion FROM messenger_list%s WHERE account='%s'", get_table_postfix(), account.c_str()); ez: #ifdef __MESSENGER_GM__ DBManager::instance().FuncQuery(std::bind(&MessengerManager::LoadGMList, this, std::placeholders::_1)
  5. How to Update Client src c++20 First, we open the client source with visual studio 2022. Select all projects and right click on them -> properties -> General -> c++ language standard -> Here we choose c++20. [Hidden Content] need to make some step from this topic HowToc++20 If you don't understand something, you can ask your questions here.
  6. VS2k13 I don't understand why you want to use vs 2k13 in 2021.
  7. Nope Why would I remove it? It would not be very safe for a live server, who might want to open a server with it Why do you all want to remove the packet encryption? That's the only thing that keeps the right skids from going to Youtube tutorials and creating hacks.
  8. Yes this will also be corrected, but I think in samurai core v2.
  9. How to Update Client src c++17 Step 1: First, we open the client source with visual studio 2019/2022. Select all projects and right click on them -> properties -> General -> c++ language standard -> Here we choose c++17. [Hidden Content] Step 2: In each file (ctrl + shift +f) , we search for the following & delete them: using namespace std; Step 3: Now the following details need to be modified (every file): string pair make_pair vector to std::string std::pair std::make_pair
  10. Hi there! About the beginnings: I will bring you the first Server file we are making soon. It's actually based on a marty 4.9.6, but we've done a lot of work to remove a lot of unused codes and optimize it for today's requirements. The goal of the project itself is to make the metin2 community use a slightly more modern resource than the current ones. I'm sorry to see that a lot of people don't develop the basic pillars of the game, but just add systems and that's fine. Many people are fine with the basic gcc 4.3 version, or even just the c++11 version, which I don't understa
  11. SamuraiHUN


    Hi everyone, here is the Dragonstone Alchemy Set bonus. What it means is that if you have all your alchemies equipped, it will give you a + bonus on top of the existing ones. [Hidden Content] I wish good evening.
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