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  1. Én ezzel a javítással nem értek egyet. A téma kommentjeit érdemes elolvasni amúgy. Van ott egy érdekes diskurzus. Visszatérve, először is alapból így van a kód: (csekkoltam az alap 2013 végi Kraizy.tgz-ben is) void CWindowManager::__ClearReserveDeleteWindowList() { for (TWindowContainer::iterator itor = m_ReserveDeleteWindowList.begin(); itor != m_ReserveDeleteWindowList.end(); ++itor) { CWindow * pWin = *itor; #ifdef __WINDOW_LEAK_CHECK__ gs_kSet_pkWnd.erase(pWin); #endif delete pWin; } m_ReserveDeleteWindowList.clear(); } És nekem ezzel semmi problémám nincs
  2. Empire War Rework + Automation I find the original forked_road strange and a mess so I made my own version. It is written in lua-only, even the automation. I wanted to keep things simple. Quest available in English and Hungarian language. For the map, I used metin2_map_sungzi_milgyo. It should be there in every client but I made some modification in it (ex. no-pvp zones at spawn) so I attached it for you. You can set: Minimum level to join Maximum attender / empire Required kill (point) to win Enable-Disable looser reward How to automat
  3. Ha a rendszer és mysql verzió megegyezik akkor általában nincs gond a mysql.tar.gz tehát mysql data feltelepítésnél. Azonban a szakszerű megoldás valóban a mysql dump, tehát .sql fájlok importálása lenne. Amúgy épp ma töltöttem fel a mega drive-ba mysql dump-ot tehát az is elérhető, van benne readme.txt használati utasítással ha valaki ezt a megoldást választja.
  4. Ha nincs reakció akkor nem növekszik a poszter reputációja (zöld +). A reputáció pedig ösztönzi a posztert hogy továbbra is fórumozzon. Illetve reakciót csak user tud küldeni, tehát ha valakinek kell valami, regisztrálnia kell. Szerintem jó ez így, már nincs kötelező komment, csak az volt a zavaró, a reakció meg kb 1-2 másodpercbe telik.
  5. TMP4

    [SMALL] City Map

    The basic concept came from the wallpaper of the old character picker, I was trying to make a map that looked like a "city". The map isn't very big, its size is 1x2, but the second area was really only needed for a little decoration for the outside of the gate. The whole map is PVP protected, maybe it could be used as a kind of trading map or some kind of event map 🙂 Download: Google Drive
  6. With this guide you can render map(s) to your login screen. Some server back in 2012 used this kinda login (DaRealFreak) and I found it pretty cool, so I did this tutorial maybe people will use it again. At def LoadMap(self): there is a list called environments where I set 17 location for you. You can edit/extend it as you wish. The client choose a random location from that list. Open root/intrologin.py Search for: "import uiScriptLocale" and add after: # INTERACTIVE_LOGIN import background import grp INTERACTIVE_LOGIN = 1 # ENABLE 1 DISABLE 0 # INTERACTIVE_LOGIN EN
  7. [Replica] Old Metin2 Website & ItemShop This is a working replica of the old Metin2 website and ItemShop. The project originally made in 2013 for a possible server but we never opened it. For now I just refactored it to be compatible with PHP7/8, tidied the code a little but honestly, expect real old shit procedural style code! While you can use "as is", I highly recommend to check it for old vulnerabilities before you take it live because of it's deprecated nature. The language is hungarian, you can use web.archive.org to speed up your translation. Website: Ite
  8. Story: Originally every empire would have had their own orc map, but Bangsan (Jinno) and Imji (Chunjo) never finished nor used by Ymir. So I did it 😁 -Demon Tower (Hwang Temple) placed -Heaven Cave's entrance placed -Attrs and textures corrected -Added trees, rocks where it felt too empty -Atlas dumped -Full serveride made with complete regens -Etc Everything included, even quests with the new coordinates. You don't have to make anything 😉 Download: Google Drive
  9. Story: This map was used in the first ever Metin2 Closed Beta Test (Korea) in 2004. They probably didn't have the kingdoms created yet at the time, every player was in this map. Luckily they kept this map in the released client in Outdoor.eix-epk named as "metin2_map". Work done: -Misplaced objects corrected (especially a lot of fences) -Trees placed (All the trees were missing for some reason) -Some object placed where i felt empty -Made serverside with npcs and regens like map1 Download: Google Drive
  10. [40250] Reference Serverfile + Client + Src [15 Available Languages] My goal was to make a reference r40250 serverfile as official as possible compared to what GF had back when their files got leaked in early 2014. No new systems added, only bug fixes. While I spent several hours testing, there may still be bugs. Please report bugs to me so I can fix them in the future, I want to make this project as bug free as possible. Available languages: EN/DE/HU/FR/CZ/DK/ES/GR/IT/NL/PL/PT/RO/RU/TR Please read Languages.txt to learn how to change the default EN language. SSH for VM: r
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