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  1. [40250] Reference Serverfile + Client + Src [15 Available Languages] My goal was to make a reference r40250 serverfile as official as possible compared to what GF had back when their files got leaked in early 2014. No new systems added, only bug fixes. While I spent several hours testing, there may still be bugs. Please report bugs to me so I can fix them in the future, I want to make this project as bug free as possible. Available languages: EN/DE/HU/FR/CZ/DK/ES/GR/IT/NL/PL/PT/RO/RU/TR Please read Languages.txt to learn how to change the default EN language. SSH for VM: r
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  2. Presentation: Locale_inc.h CommonDefines.h Downloads: Mega.nz Puu.sh Gofile.io Stop crying anotheroneindeed@gmail.com
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  3. Magát a gombot, hogy te fizikálisan hova helyezed el, az rajtad múlik, a működéséhez ez a funkció kell legyen: def ClickBatorsagButton(self): net.SendChatPacket("/aggregate")
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