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System Offline Shop - Great


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Offline shop specs:
  • Player can open normal shop or offline shop
  • Dynamic shop duration with cost managed in player.shop_cost
  • Player can edit shop/name from every channel
  • Player can close shop/get earned gold from every channel
  • After open shop, name will change color in blue
  • After crash core/restarting server shops still appear
  • Anty lag's which you have full shop's on map
  • Auto close shop when other player buy last item
  • Item prices cache for creating shop
  • Offline shop's have custom color npc name and minimap color
  • Support unlimited gold in inventory
  • Support for Acce System
  • System is only for source
  • System is protected for exploit's/attack's
  • System is fully optimized for best performace
  • Support languages: Polish,English,German, Turkish

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